How are the healing frequencies worked out? and verified? I really want to know this. There are a lot of gaps in the database and probably inaccuracies so it would be good to know how well they can be trusted also?

R R Rife was standing by his microscope for many hours, sometimes even days, running different frequencies and waiting to see which one is going to kill the little critter! This is how he found his frequencies. Trial and error. Later people used more 'scientific' ways like for example the dnafrequencies. Some others use the dowsing method which is extremely accurate but unfortunately not everybody is able to do so. This is how most of frequencies are found. Of course you will find the frequencies in the form of 'sets' (more than just one frequency), this is because the experts figured that the damage caused by the pathogen we just killed will also need some healing or antibiotic frequencies, etc.

As for the effectiveness of the frequencies, it is important to understand that we must have an accurate diagnosis of the problem so to use the correct frequencies. Sometimes, however, it may not work even though we have the correct frequencies, because there might be other associated problems. For example: Lyme is associated with many different viruses so killing one does not cure the problem. Another example: Liver hurts because a virus caused some damage. We kill the virus but liver still hurts because the damage is still there! Some frequencies work on some people but not on others, probably because inaccurate diagnosis or maybe mutated viruses. Let's not forget that pathogens mutate to 'protect' themselves from external dangers (like frequencies) by changing their structure so the frequency does not affect them.

It is not that simple, there are things we need to learn/know about using Rife tech. It has been proven though that Rife tech has been able to cure cases that conventional medicine couldn't.

Can frequencies be trusted? Yes, of course! There are some sets of frequencies that might contain some errors/inaccuracies (remember, researchers are not always scientists) but the majority of them have worked on people. Frequency sets under the category of PROV (proven) have been used by some people and obviously found them useful.

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