I was just at the part where John shows the Spooky Central unit and lets it run for a bit in the interview. I could clearly feel the effects while it was running. I got a bit of a headache from that one and pulsating in my head/forehead.

Have you tried running the video with the sound muted? It would tell you if it is the sound attacking your bugs if it does nothing with the sound turned off. I watched a bit of the video when John turned the tube on and there are high pitched sounds that could easily be causing your problems and it shows you have large amounts of bugs if you are getting such reactions. You will find FreqGen can kill the bugs for you if it is the sound doing it and you use the same sound system as when listening to the video. You can download FreqGen from this thread

And let us know what you find since you can clearly detect when something is going on. Don't forget that once you start killing the bugs though you won't be able to feel the reactions but the bugs are still there in lower numbers so you must make notes of what frequencies give reactions and keep bashing them for weeks.

Coincidentally, we've been discussing Dr. Rife's early practice of touching the plasma tube to the patient's skin and speculating on why he did this. The only possible reason could be ultrasound transference directly to the body from the tube.

While I doubt that the microphone used to record the video's sound would be capable of picking up such high audio frequencies, it may be that high sub-harmonics around 20,000Hz were recorded. We intend to look further into this when our present phase of hardware development is complete.

For more details, please check:

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