Have people had success with anxiety/panic disorder treatment?

1. With "Calming, Agitation, Anxiety and Anxiety 1" I managed to heal my friend. The sets of frequencies, have been launched all together, for 7 days with white Spooky Remote. After two weeks, repeat the program.

You may have some emotional release while "letting go" of the damage inflicted, but it will be good in the long run to clear these sensitivities from your life. My recommendation is to pick some time when you have a day or two and run the frequencies.

At least for me, when figure out what a specific reaction is caused by, the reaction seems to get worse by not doing anything - once I treat the problem, it resolves rather quickly.

2. I recommend you use the search feature at the top of our page to look up these words.  I have used anxiety sets with success. I just plug it in the search bar and use the 20V, I alternated between sine and square. Also, if you are having irregular heartbeat from the anxiety, you can put on a couple of heart sets also, like heart general and heart normalize. They work well also.

3. Consider NLP - Neuro-Linguistic Programming 

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