Instructions of making colloidal silver using Spooky2.

Step1: Preparation

Spooky2 XM Generator or Spooky2 GeneratorX x1 (including power adapter, USB cable, and BNC/alligator cable)

Spooky Boost v3.0 x1

Spooky Silver Rod x2

Magnetic Stirrer x1

Glass or Ceramic Container x1

Distilled Water Only

Step2: Washing

Thoroughly clean the Spooky silver rods and container. Rinse with distilled water and dry with a napkin.

Step3: Hardware Connection

1. Fill the container with distilled water. Do not use tap or filtered water. These will almost certainly contain unwanted impurities and chemicals. It is normal for your silver rods to turn gray. However, if your water has impurities, it turns black.

2. Place two clean and shiny silver rods in the water. Ensure the distance between the rods is at least one inch or greater.

3. Place the container on the magnetic stirrer and insert the little plastic agitator.

4. Clip the alligator clamps onto the silver rods and plug the other end of the cable into the Colloidal Silver Port of Spooky2 Boost.

For more details, please go to this link:


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  • I followed instructions as per videos exactly.. I tried to beam the red laser through it when it was finished and nothing.. Also my silver rods turned black and I can see bits of silver all over the bottom.. The magnetic bean is black also.. what did I do wrong?



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