My colloidal silver has a bitter taste when it hits the back of my throat (seems tasteless in my mouth). Someone states that true colloidal silver has NO taste, and if there is a metalic taste, then you have ionic silver.

I'm not a fan of additives personally as this contributes to the addition of byproducts and where the same results can be achieved without them. Though I'd admit that this is purely a personal preference on my part and that I wouldn't expect anyone to consider this to be anything more than that.

While there's no denying the reliability of the chemical reduction process, I'd challenge the conclusion by subjecting the solution to a sodium chloride test to contrast with an HVAC microparticle silver solutions(aka true colloidal silver). ie, my observation is that the chemically reduced solutions will precipitate silver chloride in cases where the (so-called) true colloidal silver solutions do not. And so, my take this is to take it with a grain of salt.

I feel your pain. When I began my own journey with colloidal silver many years ago, I too sought to dig-in my heels to come to terms with the science behind the madness. Only to find that there was very little science to be had, and that the industry was governed by what looked like marketing and personal beliefs. And so, I decided to take matters into my own hands by conducting my own research. - and haven't looked back since.

What you're describing sounds like the effects of silver oxide in solution. To which I'd add, there's no need to be alarmed as most of everything producing CS in the home generator market today is predominantly making silver oxides. Which incidentally, is the ionic component (silver compound) in those particular solutions.

Interesting thing about colloidal silver solutions is that most all of the silver compounds created in processing will possess antimicrobial properties. And so the issue won't likely be as significant as striking a balance between particle size and density (ppm). And while there are process methods that can be used to optimize ones solution, the question as to whether or not these are worth pursuing comes up. And so the most common route taken in such cases, is to strike a balance between the ease of production and solution quality in terms of its effectiveness.

Question is, just how far down the rabbit hole are you willing to go.

For more details, please check the link:

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