Any suggestion for Lyme?

1. There has been good feedback on using 834 Hz for Eikenella Corrodens Bacteria (causes dental and other infections) and 867 Hz for Porphyromonas Gingivitis (another dental culprit). Perhaps you want to try out these two frequencies for an interim if they are not already part of the presets you are already using. Also try Treponema Denticola CUST.

2. If I were in your shoes - just from the brief information presented here, I would just start with the Morgellons and Lyme Protocol, using whichever mode you want and go through it. The first part is Detox, so can start with Preset 1.

As for Contact vs. Remote, I like the freedom of movement that Remote allows, but you may want the stronger burst of killing Contact provides - provided you are able to handle it. Some find that they need to start slowly and work up to more. It is all based on individual needs and capacity.

3. I'm on my second run through. Time consuming but thorough. There is plan A and plan B. I'm doing Plan A as it is more thorough with 4 generators. No regrets and wishing I had done the more thorough one. Best not to reinvent the wheel. This program is developed by experts do changing it would not be a good choice in my opinion.

I will do A firstly. It will be clearly the better.

4. The Lyme vector is of the spirochete kind, equipped with flagellas enabling to swim very fast, faster then the immune system macrophages in any kind of tissue, whether dense like bones, viscous or liquid.

The genes controlling the swimming are numerous, but among them, few are more important among which the following of which the MW frequencies are provided.

It has been shown in:

that when the spirochetes cannot swim, the immune system is able to clear them quite easily.
For each program line, the double strand MW frequency on OUT1 is associated with the single strand frequency on OUT2 by means of the F multiplication factor = single strand/double strand. For each single/double strand frequency couple, the 20 phase angles biologically important (=multiples of 18) according to Jean-Claude Perez, are swept.

For details, refer to my other post 

For more details, please check the link:

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