Spooky information say colloidal silver could be clear or a slight yellow in colour. How can I tell that my colloidal silver worked for consumption if the water is still clear?

Here's my .02. I've been making Colloidal Silver with Spooky for a few months now. I've done a lot of trial and error to get the laser to have a nice defined beam through the water and not have the rods get too black. I've made about 20 successful batches of CS with this approach:

I posted this on the Facebook page as well a while back.
I use a 500ml beaker on the electronic stirrer.
I get the rods as far apart as I can in the beaker.
The rods are rather long, so I have curled the ends into a spiral shape so you get as much silver in the water as possible. Like looking at a Sea Horse's tail.
I changed two settings in the Spooky, Program Options Dialogue Box:
Dwell changed from 60 to 1400 (That's 1400 minutes, that's just shy of one full day)
I changed Swap Waveform from 300 to 500. (this does a good job keeping the rods from depositing black particles into the water)
I set it and forget it until the next day where I will do the same for the next batch.

For more details, please check the link:

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