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What is the Spooky Boost used for?

The primary purpose of the Boost is to allow one to combine both Out 1 and Out 2 of the generator for the following effects:

Double the amplitude, giving you the ability to square the power of contact mode.

Double the available voltage available to remote mode.

Mix two separate signals together (frequency addition), for output into one remote.

Provide current limited output for Colloidal Silver generation.

Properly align the polarity of the signal to match the field bias of both remote types.

Probably a few others, but this is the main list.

Suggest you connect it up to each generator and use the port that applies to your needs.

The Out 1 and Out 2 pass through ports on the top corners, provide the same output as if you did not have the boost installed. So no need to pull it off the generator for when this is the method you wish to use.

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