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How do I get rid of insect pests?

1. Put a freshly killed insect in paper masking tape to slow down dehydration. Use the Spooky Spectrum Sweep and run it non-stop for a week. A Bio North Remote is suggested. Smaller insects are easier to eradicate using this method than larger ones.

2. Spectrum sweep is my go if have any old remotes i switch back and forth between MN and BN. It actually needs to run for 3 weeks. The first week disturbs them, 2nd kills them, 3rd week ensure they are truly dead.

3. I also use the spectrum sweep for black ants, but you need to keep at it. The sweep will get rid of one colony, but there are probably many. It does actually work. We have one XM remote running continuously and I add new ants every week or so.

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