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Advise regarding settings for high blood pressure.

1. If your kidneys are involved, try running this: Hypertension Renin Induced CAFL
It's also a good idea to work on your kidneys:
Kidney Function Balance XTRA
Kidney Insufficiency CAFL
Kidney Stimulation XTRA
Kidney Tonic General CAFL
Kidney PROV

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2. It is possible that the blood pressure is a symptom of some other root cause... Have you tried any biofeedback scans to see if these results would have any effect?

3. It took 3 months for me to notice changes. I ran on 4 generators. HPB, fibromyalgia, bradycardia, and biofeedbacks. I used frequencies in data base only. Dr cut back all meds to one that I am still working on for HBP. Now it is nine months. So be patient and keep plugging away at it.

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4. You could run blood purify program using Cold Laser for 30 minutes per day. It can benefit the whole circulatory system including the lymphatic system and most organs so when looking at the body in a holistic way it should assist in improving any issues that have knock on effects throughout the body.

Also, you could use either Cold Laser twin or the Tens Pads (without the pads) on known acupressure or reflexology points i.e. heart meridian on the body as these techniques work on stimulating pathways and help re-balancing energy flow.

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