Advise regarding settings for high blood pressure.

1. If your kidneys are involved, try running this: Hypertension Renin Induced CAFL
It's also a good idea to work on your kidneys:
Kidney Function Balance XTRA
Kidney Insufficiency CAFL
Kidney Stimulation XTRA
Kidney Tonic General CAFL
Kidney PROV

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2. It is possible that the blood pressure is a symptom of some other root cause... Have you tried any biofeedback scans to see if these results would have any effect?

3. It took 3 months for me to notice changes. I ran on 4 generators. HPB, fibromyalgia, bradycardia, and biofeedbacks. I used frequencies in data base only. Dr cut back all meds to one that I am still working on for HBP. Now it is nine months. So be patient and keep plugging away at it.

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