Are there any programs that help you feel safe and calm down the nervous system?

1. If you put nervous in the programs tab you will find autonomic nervous system, central nervous system, nervous system normalize.

2. Try a DNA repair.

3. I like the Calming programs- there's 4 to choose from. I also like muscles to relax program for the evening and overnight.

Can also search for other Relax programs.
4. Program of Peace has been really helpful for me.
For more details, please read this post:
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  • It would be useful to tell us how to run these programs or where to find them in SPooky. I don't know what a DNA repair is or where to find it. For example is it under Presets - Miscellaneous - Spectro Chrome Light Therapy or Programs? Similarly, is a "calming program" found under Programs listed in alphabetial order or is it somewhere else? Same for the Relax program.


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