Any suggestions for losing weight? Can you really lose weight using Spooky2?

1. Terrain Protocol
If you decide to manage your weight, you can start with the 11-day Terrain Protocol. Spooky2 is very good at helping you detox while you are trying to lose weight. Terrain Protocol is always recommended as the first step for all Spooky2 customers. It flushes out the toxins accumulated in your body system, reducing the burden on your body, and preparing your body for Rife frequency treatments.

2. Some weight-related Presets/Programs
Spooky2 frequency database contains over 35,000 programs dedicated to providing you with accurate and beneficial frequencies for imbalanced energy. Some popular keywords for weight management are “weight”, “fat”, “obesity”, “metabolism”, etc.

Launch your Spooky2 software, and enter these valid keywords in the Presets/Programs search box. The most popular preset for weight loss will be “Weight Management – PM”.

3. Some emotion presets/programs to control your appetite
Some Spooky2 customers admit the effectiveness of weight-related programs, but they also report that their appetites will greatly increase during running these presets/programs. So one of the Spooky2 users proposed such an idea: running some emotion presets/programs to control her appetite, and she succeeded in losing her weight.

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