Suggestions for Prostate cancer after chemo.

1. Did the Chemo cure you? Or was it ineffective.

In alternative circles Like Here, chemo is considered a Damaging Poison, to be avoided.

I was a medical photographer so, have learned some of those treatments lack of success and recently my fiance' listened to the oncologist against my wishes and now she is gone.

Ty Bollinger's "Truth about Cancer" is one video series you should have watched. Some episodes may still be on Youtube.

In fact, no secret that chemo can cause cancer to grow. Same for Xrays and CT scans especially.

You don't have time to have us Sugar Coat things.So, I am a bit blunt.

Going through Chemo, you have taken an already weakened immune system and pretty much shut it off.

Now, how to get it functional again...that is the question.

Horses are out of the barn now you think you should consider trying to flush the poisons out? Boost your immune response.

Not sure what you want to accomplish using Spooky now after using Chemo.

Please explain your goals.
Miracles are hard enough to find without making your system weaker.

You have given us Little information to go on. Please fill in some of the blanks. Diet choices you have made, recreational substances you take?

2.If I were in your shoes,I would be doing everything possible to rebuild the body and immune system. Diet would be critical (whole foods not processed. Organic if possible) and lots of supplements. All the building blocks like minerals, amino acids, enzymes. I would want to get rid of any parasites by taking something similar to a Hulda Clark recipe (Google it). More work can be done on that with Spooky. Taking a tincture for parasites in the gut would be simple and not too draining on the body for starters. Depending on your current condition, detoxing may go quickly or slowly. You may have to pace yourself so you don't wipe out your energy levels. 

If you have the ability to work with a holistic practitioner, I would recommend it. They would be the most qualified to record your deficiencies and would probably have the best advice on how to counter the chemo. Your Liver may require some specialized assistance. 

If you haven't read Hulda Clark's books, get one or Google for free PDF. This will help you understand biology and assist you in recognizing what has contributed to your condition and help in making changes that will be beneficial. Liver cleanses may be beneficial for you. 

Please also do some research on clearing emotional baggage that may have contributed to a health decline. "Tapping" is one easy method. "The Emotion Code" by Bradley Nelson is another good choice. Google both for more info.

Everything that you can do right now that will assist the Immune System (detox to remove overload) and blood building will be a good start. 

3.You can make it strong again by drinking 1 gallon (4 liters) of distilled water daily for the next 4 - 6 months. Do not drink any other water! This will also get your body in a strong alkaline state!

Cancer cannot grow or metastasize in an alkaline body! Distilled water is very cheap under $1 a gallon at your local Walmart. Your immune system will heal and kill all the present cancerous cells on its own!

Avoid any further Chemo or radiation and/or surgery! No refined sugars or alcohol during that time whenever possible...A little of anything won't hurt as long as you keep that distilled water flowing daily within your system.

4.The website "Cancer Tutor" might we worth your time reviewing.

A strictly Vegan diet has worked for SOME "metabolic types."

What Works For One Person, Can Have Little to no Effect on Another, and Often Can Make a Third Person Even Worse, Here’s Why…

For more details, please check the link:

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