What is the maximum amplitude setting you can run for a remote program?

20vac which will give you +-10vdc.

Using the boost you can double this to 40vac (+-20vdc) as long as the frequency is the same and Out 2's waveform is inverted (as the boost inverts Out 2, so a double inversion is needed to restore phase).

Well the 4x power really only applies to contact, but yes people do use the boost to regularly double the voltage for both contact and remotes.

Remotes don't require a full +-20v, and for many they might actually respond better at a different voltage.

The Square H Bomb is an interesting waveform to use as an example, in that it has 16 embedded cycles. 8 cycles of which are on and 8 of which are off. Of those 8 cycles, the first and last is at full amplitude while the other 6 are a 1/4 of this amplitude.

It has a very nice efficacy profile in that it spans two amplitudes while keeping the harmonic spread tight to the fundamental frequency being generated.

The other use for the boost is that it frequency adds both outputs together in the event you use each with different frequencies, allowing for output into a single device vs having to wire up two. The output waveform is the same as what you would record from two people talking at once using a microphone.

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