Can I use a piece of my hair with the fingernails?

You can but it will make no difference. To use hair you would need to pull it out with the hair follicle still on it because that's where the DNA is. Spooky2 strongly recommends to use a piece of nail. Also, a hair follicle would need to be replaced for a new one much more often, while nails go a long way.


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  • Just trying to stay positive. Our hair follicle/bulb contains nucleic acid DNA, while our hair shaft contains mitochondrial DNA. Is harder to work with Mitochondrial DNA. Perhaps that is why we use the hair bulb, it is easier to work with nucleic dna. Now to the fun part. We can extract dna for thousands of years. Obviously the tissue is dead. So, 3-4 days will mark how long the specimen is still alive, how lobg that quantum connection from the source to the specimen last. For example the nail clip is still connected to the the astral body. When the tissue dies the astral connection ceases and that marks the end of the quantum entangelment. This is my theory, just trying to make things work in my head :)


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