Are there any programs for osteoarthritis pain in lower back?

1. I would suggest in remote, presets ready-made.
Song of the spine

With laser twist accessory at the painful area, chose same programs, frequencies are no so important, the laser light is healing.

With the Spooky2 coil some low Frequencies (1-100), square wave, or saw tooth wave, also all the night, it does emulates PEMF machine. You can use the ready-made preset Schuman resonance for remote whit the coil.

Same scan with gen x can find the frequencies related that causes this kind of inflammation.

Actually a dedicated PEMF device can do a better work.

And a dedicated micro current device like Denas 6 device, can be appropriate.

My wife has similar issues. The Spooky2 help a lot, but also a dedicated PEMF device and micro current device.

2. IMO adding Inflammation and arthritis type programs using Wrist laser would be more beneficial than just the laser light on its own.

These are the programs I run in a Remote Healing JW preset 24/7 on one XM. You can also run them in Spooky Cold Laser (L) preset.
Joint Inflammation (CAFL)
Joint Inflammation (XTRA)
Inflammation 1 (XTRA)
Inflammation 2 (XTRA)
Inflammation Bone (XTRA)
Inflammation General (CAFL)
Inflammation (KHZ)
Joint Inflammation (CAFL)
Joint Inflammation (XTRA)
Abdominal Inflammation (CAFL)

Consider osteoarthritis and arthritis programs in healing preset.

Consider K2-M7 (Menaquinone) supplement, as well as others listed in this link. 

For more details, please check the link: 

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