I have been fighting an acute sinus infection caused by staph/strep. I had cellulitis/erysipelas that had gone into my ears, nose, eyes,forehead, neck, etc. What frequencies I could use for this and should I use the PEMF attachment? Where should I place i

1. Have you tried running any of the sinusitis sets in the database? If I recall there are 5 hours of programs after removing duplicates. I have had success with these a number of times using the MM_InvSawtooth Harmonics waveform, and I've found it works even better on the new remotes.

2. I suggest you also run Manuel Mallo’s Staph aures programs.


3. I run the following Programs on Remote for Sinusitis:
Lung Sinus Bacteria (BIO)
Lung Sinus Bacteria (CAFL)
Mucor Racemosus Sinus (BIO)
Mycoplasma General (CAFL)
Rhinitis (CAFL)
Sinus Bacteria (PROV)
Sore Throat (CAFL)
Streptococcus Pyogenes (CAFL)
Streptococcus Pneumoniae (CAFL)

Attachment: Sinus & Strep - Remote KB.txt

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