Has anyone beat chronic EBV with Spooky2?

1. We’ve had incredible progress with a treatment for our 9 year old son who contract the EBV.

We’ve had incredible progress with a treatment for our 9 year old. He’s been sick for over a month, but it was on and off, so it has been confusing. He would be fine for a few days, then I would find him laying on the couch again saying he didn’t feel good. Or he would be great during the day, then not feel good at night and all this time, he’s had a nasty cough. The last time I found him on the couch first thing in the morning saying he didn’t feel good was two days ago. Suddenly it hit me that his fatigue was very mono-like (EBV) and younger kids who contract the EBV tend to show symptoms more like a cold but often with lasting fatigue. My husband muscle tested my theory and got a yes, that it was EBV. So I ran a diagnosis with my son on another machine I have (radionics) which resulted in the highest reaction to EBV. Then I did a graded scan with EBV frequencies on the Spooky 2 and just about EVERY EBV frequency resulted in a positive hit! So I created a remote treatment for him with those results and by the end of that day, he was coughing a TON more, but productive coughing and his energy was up. He had been sleeping very long hours at night, I was having to wake him hours past when he would normally wake on his own (we home school so he can sleep in), but today he woke at his usual time again! Today he has been great! I haven’t heard him cough and he is playing, energetic and happy…more consistent than he has been for the past month! We will keep the treatment going for a few days, then retest and see how things are going. He actually wanted to retest today, but I haven’t made the time to do it yet, lol.

2. Epstein Barr Has Been in Complete Remission Since Running Spooky2

I take all the Epstein Barr programs and run them continuously on the Remote. It’s changed my life. I still have Epstein Barr in me, but it’s been in complete remission since I’ve been running Spooky2

More reviews here: https://www.spooky2reviews.com/?s=EBV

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