How to use Spooky2 for lymphoma?

1. Given the urgency of this issue, I think you might be justified in using Rife on your child. This is just my opinion, and I sure others will have differing opinions to mine.
2. Yes you can do a biofeedback scan.
3. You can do a reverse lookup, but realize that reverse lookup is not a diagnosis, and will tend to show a person has way more diseases or conditions than they really have.
4. I suggest you run the Cancer Protocol found in the Presets tab under >Cancer, >DB, "GUIDE Cancer DB - Click Me.pdf". The cancer protocol takes into account enhancements for specific kinds of cancer, say like lymphoma.

5. You can run BFB and then run results. Ignore reverse lookup and run what you’ve been given as they are the exact results needed. Use your sample digitizer with saliva on it as well and run a scan and those results. Boost the immune system with programs and try lymphatic drainage programs.


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