Looking for suggestions on muscle sprain.

1. I had better results with scans than with premade programs for muscle injuries

2. What about trying the inflammation frequencies? I just did some last night for a back injury and it seems to have improved today. I used muscle testing on myself to choose.

3. I run the plasma for all my leg muscle pains, ligaments and tendons after I've played football every week. I sit the plasma between my legs and listen to music or read my Spanish book for an hour... I run muscle pains mostly and it works really well as I can't usually walk well a day after football... Yes I'm 56 yrs old and not as fit as I used to be.... And after plasma I'm walking 90% better straight away.

4. I’d use tens bfb place pads on both sides of injury and scan then place the BFB program along with inflammation 40, and use any FSM programs you feel would apply to how you feel & use the injury program it works well, use with the tens on the site & run contact treatments a few times a day, the same programs at the same time running remote and if you have the scaler, same programs and plasma, same programs. Apply heat before FSM treatment you can type in FSM, It will bring up all those programs & use ideally w/tens, I would also use the mw for those that you know would bring down the pain& inflammation. You need to address pain & inflammation first then healing…

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