Are there any testimonials for chronic pain as in sciatica?

Yes. Here are our users’ success stories:

1. Sciatica And Arthritis Have Gone!

Success! I have been in complete discomfort from sciatica for weeks. Nothing helped. And then I changed my GenX Pro from my BFB program to the Sciatica programs. I have the 3 running now as of last night. I also have a program running for arthritis that’s been on for 3 days. What a difference! I’m now out of pain and standing straight in such a short period of time!!! Thank you Spooky2!

2. Bad Sciatica Improved Largely

My friend had bad sciatica going on for months. He was under very strong meds that helped to lessen the pain only a little bit and it was going to be difficult just to walk. I started the sciatica frequencies in Remote. After 3 days I chained healing and regeneration to the sciatica program and the pain started to lessen a bit while he was still taking the drugs. The turning point was on the fifth day when I sent DH kundalini overnight in place of the chain. I did so for 2 nights then I chained DH kundalini to the other programs. He no longer needed any drug and now, after less than two weeks, he only has little pain when he gets up but it goes away after a walk. But I see that it gets better when I send the DH kundalini over the night. Thank you David Halliday!


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  • I had serious sciatica on the right side.  After faithfully using Spooky2 but found no relief.  The pain was becoming so severe that I often did my computer work standing up.  Contemplating the nature of sciatica, I concluded that the cause is a contracture resulting from some kind of injury.  This means that soft tissue, when injured, heals up slightly shorter than it was before the injury.  The differential between, let's say, a healed muscle and the other tissues it interacts with causes chronic strain on the healed up tissue.  The solution is to stretch out the healed tissue slowly until it returns to its normal length.  So I got on my back swing (inversion table) and hooked only my right foot in the foot retainer such that only my right leg was being stretched.  I had to be very careful not to overdo it; as soon as I felt it puling, I used my hands to prevent any further stretching..  Relief was immediate.  Over a period of about six weeks, I gently continued this procedure five or six times each day.  My sciatica, which I had suffered from for more than five years, is completely gone.  I suspect that the preset in question works on mild cases, but for severe ones like mine it is not strong enough medicine.  If I had it to do over again, I would use the back swing and the preset in combination and would probably find even quicker results.


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