For pancreatic cancer, which Spooky2 device to choose? Should I use killing or healing?

Most of our customers recommend Spooky2 Central kit. Spooky2 Central is currently the MOST powerful Rife machine. It’s a modern-day Rife system that applies Royal Rife’s original frequencies directly without a carrier. It has 4 functions: Spooky2 Plasma Tube, Ultrasonic, PEMF and Contact. This method was originally used by Royal Rife when saving 16 cancer patients back in 1934.

And this is the review from our customers:

Spooky2 Central Changed Our Lives
My husband is using spooky2 software with spooky central to treat his pancreatic cancer. We are 4 months into treatment with both chemo and using the rife machine. Currently there is no spread of stage 3 pancreatic cancer. Every day is a miracle! We paused rife treatments during his post operative healing. Definitely can tell when he rifes. He just feels better. I used it for nicotine treatment to stop smoking. 2 treatments 30 min each totally stopped smoking. This machine has changed our lives.

More reviews here:

For cancer treatment, we’d like to recommend you run cancer protocol. The settings of cancer protocol are ready. You want to kill cancer, so any shell presets selected to target cancer can be killing. Although since the frequencies do most of the work, universal or healing presets can also be used.


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