I'm very ill with breast cancer. My husband has the Terrain detox running on the generator, and was putting the cancer presets and abdominal pain on, but everything is causing a lot more pain. Stabbing kidney and liver pain. Do I take a week off?

1. It is always difficult to attempt to provide guidance to someone about what to do and how much to do it, as we aren't there to see or feel what the results are.

In general, I reduce treatment and just continue with a Maintenance type program like the Terrain when I have excessive pain from a program. I don't know if a week is the magic number, but I would allow the Terrain Protocol to finish the first time (if it hasn't already) before I did anything else. I would also stop other treatments until some of the pain passes.

I fully understand the desire to stay alive, however, so this may make you push through a higher level of pain than I am willing to deal with, so these decisions need to be yours.

2.I have overdone it before but doing detoxes help a lot.

3.There's also a great liver/kidney preset in the DB cancer presets that I would try along with the terrain if I had kidney/liver pain.

4.Detoxing is helpful and you can also detox using the Phanotron. Don't forget, one hour of the Plasma strait tube is worth around 200 hours of remote treatment and about 50 hours of contact treatment! And the Phanotron may be even more powerful.

But having had similar pains to you Cheryl I don't do more than 10min of Phanotron detox in one go since it's so powerful. Once having overdone it with Spooky, a terrible herx headache was gone within a few minutes detoxing with the tube.

Also, you don't have to hold the tube against you. Sometimes I hold it a couple of feet in front of me and I still feel the benefit. Apparently, that's still well within the Phanotron's range.

For more details, please check the link from:https://www.facebook.com/groups/spooky2/permalink/694226374072602/

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