When you're running programs to kill bacteria, do you think it's over kill to use several specific and general 'bacteria programs'?

1. It depends on how many bacteria you think you have. I guess as long as you don't exceed 4 hours per pass during remote programs and can handle whatever effects from die-off, there isn't a problem. Be careful about sweeps, though that you don't run them too long and kill all of the bacteria in the gut.

2. I find that unless I know what I am dealing with, I try to narrow down my options as to what I guess is going on, I will plug in my guesses and then a few general ones to boot. But like Joe said, I keep the loop time to 4 hours or less. As an example, I actually had to take my 17 yo daughter to the emergency room yesterday. She was in extreme pain in her lower abdomen, and I could not figure out what was going on. I am usually fine with taking some educated guesses, but she was in extreme pain. Now that I know what we are dealing with, I was able to plug in frequencies for her issue.

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