I'm using contact mode with Spooky2 and every time I use it I have problems sleeping after its use, (I'm sometimes putting an electrode on my head since the pathogen is on my head).

1. So you want to get a hit on a pathogen.

If you choose the correct frequency, then you will be successful with a treatment time of some minutes.

(Rife itself has also done this short treatment time.)

If you have not choose the correct frequency, then there is no use to do the treatment a long time.

This is like tuning a radio to listen to a radio station. If you tune the radio at the correct frequency , then you can hear something. If you don't tune it right then you will not hear something regardless how long you you have turned the radio on.

The next question is: What are your settings?

Another thing I know is:

If you use a setting with an offset, then the electricity will enhance the ATP production of the body cells, so you will give your body energy. Then it is not a miracle that you cannot sleep.

2. I run overnight treatments (up to 12 hours) and am now sleeping much better than before. However, it is my understanding that contact treatments (usually via Tens pads) should always be used below the level of the neck, never above. Maybe this is your problem.

3. You could try remote mode instead.
Cold lasers could be also an option, as well as plasma, of course.
Contact mode is much more effective when current goes through the body part you want to treat. However, if you use the tens pads on your shoulders, although less effective, your head is also going to get the benefits of the treatment.
Please, be aware not to put NEVER the contact electrodes right over the carotida artery or jugular vein, because they are connected directly with your heart, and current directly to the heart is not good at all.

4.We all get excited with Spooky2 and want to start treating things right away. I know I did!

But, I had a few strange things with Rifing that went away once I FOLLOWED INSTRUCTIONS. This MAY be part of your problem, maybe not. If it is, running insomnia frequencies will only further mask the real problem, though you may get some sleep!

I use contact mode very often. I SLEEP QUITE WELL! Often fall asleep during session. However I have done something highly suggested, but rarely followed (I suspect) in reference to Rife treatment modalities that is.

I ran all the DETOX TERRAIN PROTOCOLS! THEN started treatments. And Voila' HEALING AND REST ABOUNDS!

David Bourke's testimony illustrates the importance of this quite clearly. If you start killing stuff off by doing treatments, without FIRST cleaning up your internal terrain, you can do more harm than good.

Look at your body like a classroom blackboard with writing all over it. The writing represents all the toxicity, parasites, heavy metals, pollution, etc. that accumulated over the years!

Now if you come along and start Rifing, it is like you are writing information on top of all this junk and creating CHAOS! You must FIRST ERASE THE BLACKBOARD by using TERRAIN PROTOCOLS, then write the new information (Begin treatments)

Having more than one generator speeds up the process!

I had ONE generator so it took me MONTHS to complete the terrain cleanup! I was PATIENT and carefully followed the instructions. It is WELL worth the time and effort.!

Of course I do not practice medicine nor give medical advice and all this is for informational purposes only!

For more details, please check the link:

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