My father got an intraocular lens placed during eye surgery and ever since his eyes are very dry. This allows mucus to accumulate behind the lens and he needs to have it removed periodically. If there are any frequencies to help him produce more tears.

1. Onions make you tearful so maybe you can make an eye spray to do the same thing.

Another thing to try is search for Optrex on

Zinc Sulphate Molecular Weight: 161.436 g/mol
Plugging 161.436 into Manuel's Mass to frequency converter:
Subharmonic Remote Contact
70 61,597.795055 Hz 21,752.559107 Hz
71 30,798.898 10,876.280
72 15,399.449 5,438.140
73 7,699.724 2,719.070
74 3,849.862 1,359.535
75 1,924.931 679.767
76 962.466 339.884
77 481.232773 Hz 169.941860 Hz

You could for example for Remote make a preset using subharmonics from 70 to 77

2. We know you love your dad, and we do too since you are sharing with us!

It is hard not to HATE the conventional medicine industry after researching what this is about! Once again they create problems and damage people in their attempt to make things better (for their $tock-holders!).


They try to play this down as if it is a minor thing. When they KNOW they will earn a lot of RESIDUAL INCOME from patients who have to keep coming back for the related procedures you mention. THEN they have the gall to say they will treat the symptoms with TOPICAL STEROIDS!? With these associated diseases as additional risk!

Headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach upset, acne, cramps, increased hair growth on the face/body, shaking fingers/hands (tremor), swollen/red/painful gums, dizziness, flushing, and high blood pressure may occur.

YOUR Father deserves better! We ALL DO!

OK enough of that! The cause according to them apparently IS THE SURGICAL TECHNIQUE and nerve cutting! So I personally if it were my loved one, would READ THE ARTICLE and form a game plan from there!

For example If they cut hair then I would look for frequencies dealing with hair healing specifically. Load them and refine them with biofeedback per the Spooky Biofeedback video. Then I would use these frequencies to apply. I would NOT just use general "hair" or "eye" frequency sets
nor just guess at frequencies to use or

Also it is INSANE to expose anyones eyes deliberately to ONIONS as suggested elsewhere who has has EYE SURGERY!! (Inability to tear + onions in eyes=TORTURE and trip to ER for MORE torture!

Flor, consider, are his tear ducts intact? Without them they will be no tears unless they are reconstructed.

Tears may be produced and NOT going where they should because of scarring.

Nerves that TELL the tears to flow may have been severed. This SEEMS to be one of the things they say in the ophthalmology article I included in this post. So perhaps a program to create tears may help if the nerves that tell the tears to flow no longer function.

As you know there are many things the docs could have screwed up. In fact they do NOT REALLY state definitively they know what they do that makes this happen to people!

ALSO The mucus could be from an infection, irritant, or something elsewhere in the body, and may be a separate issue manifesting in the eyes!

PERSONALLY I love to use the Spooky Pulse and Biofeedback. It may help.

Biofeedback relies on the human body instead of a monopolized for profit industry profiting on death and diseases.

Biofeedback may get the frequencies for you that you would really want to run in order to see progress.

In closing my loving sister, consider any medications your Father is taking. Look up the side effects and go to peoples to read REAL PEOPLE'S ACCOUNTS OF ALL DRUGS AND SURGERIES, not what the doctor hides from you!

MANY drugs DEHYDRATE the body. So find out. Even WITHOUT the drugs, everyone should drink minimum 64 ounces of FRESH PURE WATER (not coffee, soft drinks, etc.) every single day. There is NO substitute. Spooky2, 3, nor Spooky4 will HYDRATE A PERSON! It is a simple but very important issue.

For more details, please check the link:

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