Success Story: I've had adenomyosis and fibroids for the last three years which have made my menstrual cycle horribly painful.

I decided to layer several frequencies using different generators in the hopes of covering all angles.
I had these programs going :
Menstrual cramps
Hip Pain

I fired up the remotes and as the day progressed I noticed I did not have any of the usual, increasingly painful cramps. But I did still feel the dreaded lower back pain. It got worse by the hour and I was about to reach for the Advil when I thought...."Maybe I should be running Lumbago instead of Backache."

I kid you not...The lower back pain was gone in 5 minutes.

I slept briefly tonight and now I'm here sharing this in the wee hours of the morning because it's like I'm up waiting for all hell to break loose but it doesn't.
No pain, no misery....just bewilderment.

I am completely amazed. What a game changer!
I can't even begin to thank the Spooky team enough.
Words just don't suffice.

For more details, please check the link:

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