Does anyone know of any negative effects that remote operations may have on a Lizard?

1. If the remotes 'sing', the noise might drive the poor lizard batty. I would say that if *you* can be within 7 ft of the remotes continuously, then the lizard probably can also. I don't know how acute their hearing is.

2. You might also look into having Orgonite near your Spooky2 setup (and around your home/neighborhood) to actually turn any depleting energies into nurturing energies.

Orgonite transforms any DOR - negative chi into POR - positive chi.

DOR means deadly orgone. POR means positive orgone.

Orgonite in many shapes is available all over the internet.
a towerbuster/puck is about 5dollarUS, can be less or more.
lots of good information about Orgonite and orgone generators online.

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3. Most of the lizards for whom data has been collected hear in the same range as does the green iguana (Iguana iguana), whose picks up sounds in the 500-4,000Hz range, with a peak sensitivity at 700 Hz, equal to about 24 dB.

That’s about the range for hard rock guitar!

Having said that nobody likely yet has any data on how this could affect your cool pet lizard. It has been proven they respond to ELF and EMF but no information on what they mean since the frequencies they responded to are way below their sense of hearing!

So the lizard can respond to sound frequencies it cannot hear! 6Hz and 8 Hz HUH?!!! Scientific fact!

It's weirder than you think! When they cover the lizards pineal eye (energy eye) the lizard no longer responds to the sound it could not hear! This, of course, is nuts to us humans who think were so smart we can expose animals to things that do not harm us and assume it's all Pokemonastic!

Knowing this I'd caution on the safe side if I loved my lizard! He cannot tell you that you are driving him out of his reptilian mind in agonizing pain, or harming him in any way. If that is the case.

Neither can we.

Someone can only say "Ahhh don't worry about it. Only a lizard after all. Probably OK!"

Keep in mind it is NOT just a matter of HEARING the remotes. Animals have other senses we do not have that could be getting trashed. For example, many animals have built in guidance systems that seem to work on magnetism or some other energy filed(s) we do not understand. Reptiles can see in infrared, do you? When YOUR guidance system gets screwed up you feel nauseated or dizzy! Imagine if you could tell NOBODY this was happening to you!

Why not put the remotes in your room!?

Just asking on an animal lover to another!

For more details, please check the link:

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