What preset should I use for head/hair lice?

1. At home run Plasma when away run Remote.
Program: Lice Infestations (KHZ).

For more details, please check the link:

2. Also try Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Between parasites and bacterias exist a endosymbiotic relationship, this means that, the vital support for parasites are bacterias, they eat bacteria to survive. The bacteria that supports hair lice, is this specific bacteria.

3. Tea tree oil as well.

4. Lice Infestations looks like a good programs. May also include Essential Oils Anise and Neem.

I wonder if it would be any help to use some of the MW poisons in the remote targeting the lice.

5. Great idea about lice in the remote. Run it for 3 weeks. Minimum of 2 but 3 weeks to ensure that family of shared DNA does not come back. White top remote.

Have hear rife eradicating bugs many times. I have 2 in one remote atm. 3 weeks is coming up. After just a few days I did not see any more.

This is why all households need extra generators - for incidental and occasional life occurances.

6. Lice samples in white remote for 3 days then change to white spooky spectrum sweep.
Have had great success

For more details, please check the link from:

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