Is it okay to use Spooky whilst taking antibiotics? I might have to take high dose antibiotics for a long time for my bladder issues which have ruined my life but we have just got spooky central and plasma to use.

1. I would assume that there would be no problem using Spooky with Antibiotics, as Spooky would aid the killing rather than detract from it, unless you use the MW frequency for the antibiotic in degradation mode...

I would probably search the programs for biofilm and run those via Central (using the Central Shell Preset) to see if you could find relief without the AntiB, though.

2. I constantly see bladder issues = lyme disease may want to do this: Morgellons Lyme Protocol_v3.pdf

3. Biofilms are caused by various pathogenic organisms that use it to hide away from the immune system. If you look in the Morgellons and Lyme Protocol, you'll find one preset for biofilm structure, and seven to kill the organisms that cause them.

4. A friend of mine had 4 lots of antibiotics for a UTI with no success I gave him colloidal silver 20ppm and it cured him over night. He drank a half pint of it. He was amazed.

For more details, please check the link:


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