My whole family was poisoned by high long term levels of hidden mold in addition to Lyme and co infections. My 17 year old has been on Biaxin and Plaquenil for 3.5 months now. He has also been on Bupropion and citalopram for years for depression.

1. I can address not all, but some of your concerns.

Did you know Babesia hates eucalyptus? In the past I have mixed coconut oil w/ essential oil of eucalyptus & applied it to the bottom of my feet at night, then covered them w/ socks.
(Make sure his detox pathways are open)...
My favorite frequencies to run are
* "detox liver kidneys lymph intestines"
* "liver support"
* (look through the list of planets, to find an appropriate one for your specific need)
This is just a basic suggestion - Spooky has So Much To Offer re: choices!

Do you know your son's MTHFR status? (He may have DNA mutations that render him inefficient to detox, because of the resulting nutritional deficiencies they cause!)...

Depression... challenging & multifaceted, but workable! Diet is a factor, too...

Type in a "buzz word" like:
Then go from there.

Remember to think of
The liver.
The adrenals.
They are stressed, when one is depressed!

Personal testimony:

When I was growing up, my Dad always put his foot down & allowed only certain foods on our table; my mom was a decent cook, but she tends toward too much sugar in her food choices!

We bought fresh, pure milk from a dairy farmer - sometimes when we arrived, his wife would still be putting it into the glass jars & it was warm (also, very delicious!)...
The only soda I was allowed to drink, & rarely, was 7-Up; and never, ever KoolAid!
Only candy my father would buy for me was the (licorice-based) "Good & Plenty"
First hot dog I ever ate? Was in H.S., @ a football game - I promptly got sick, throwing it all up behind the bleachers -yes, truly!

I.e.; my father would always drill into me during my childhood:
"You are what you eat." And, I thank God all the time for his good influence!

However, that was then & this is now, so what I now have for my mantra is:
"You are not only what you eat - but what you are able to DIGEST." !

In my humble opinion?
Most if not all disease/death begins humbly in the colon, via faulty digestion, & "works its way up" (to) whichever is a person's inherited genetic 'tendencies.'

And our current environment & lifestyles? Make it difficult, if not downright impossible, to have healthy digestion & proper assimilation of nutrients!

In no particular order:
* polluted environment
* toxic chemtrails
* harmful EMFs
* improper chewing of our foods, because we're all so in a hurry these days
* faulty farming techniques, which rob the soil of vital nutrients, before we even buy them!
* nasty additives. In the past, they were added for preservation reasons ~ now?, I think it's designed to get us hooked; like sugars; like things that end up impairing our nervous system...
* microwaving our meals, which destroys the food's naturally occurring enzymes (that would help us digest better!)
* stressful life with faulty attitudes, anger issues - which wipe out our adrenals,
* which then impairs our thyroid!
* the "no fat in your diet" LIE, perpetuated upon us,
* which screws up our hormones of the entire endocrine system .....

(It really is a miracle that most of us live as long as we do), given the consistent ABUSE on our bodies, minds, and then, the (discouraged) spirit.

I put a lot of stock into the Blood Type Diet, actually.
That, + some common sense wisdom & self-control...
More people need to be more willing to accept the truthful reality of, Parasites.

Right now I'm "Spooky remotely" treating myself --- and having a rough time w/ headaches, shaking, sugar cravings, and emotions...

Those rotten leeches have a brilliant mind of their own & know how to manipulate us into eating the things that will help them keep thriving inside us.

Please be aware that one must never stop any (mental health) Rx, like antidepressants, "cold turkey."
Not weaning off = definite crisis; it's got to be done slowly, with appropriate supportive diet & herbals.

FYI: it was from my doing
(1 hour long)
(For about 3 months),
...Ionic foot baths,
Which put me into remission w/ my 3 known tickborne infections!

But the year prior to buying my Ionic?
I was also going for colon hydrotherapy (as I could afford to), which worked out to, about, every 3 months.

Detox is key.

2. Borax or boric acid is supposed to release mold, parasites and yeast at least from the body I'm about to try it on myself over the years I got way better relief from colloidal silver than antibiotics and restoring the good gut bacteria is key to all immunity l-lysine is very anti viral also works great on me Epsom salt baths with baking soda detox through skin I'm hoping to try one of these machines currently reading testimonies and am praying about a yes or no answer.

3. Having a plan is good. No one size fits all. A lot of help here on this group. We also have a Spooky2 Rife for Lyme group. Just wanted to say to be careful and wean extremely slow from antidepressants. Depending how much he is on, perhaps wean over several months. Do not change too much at once. I see no harm in doing Morg-Lyme Protocol and taking antidepressants. Once he is off them, there is a detox for SSRI (I think). Just look and see. Colloidal Silver is a good choice verses antibiotics. Bring him into the action of programming the remotes and taking charge of his health. In being proactive, I would think it would give him hope and encouragement that recovery from this is possible.

For more details, please check the link:

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