Remote treating dog with HPV. I would like the most aggressive approach possible. Suggestions as to presets, (I have a couple papilla programs in mind) wave patterns, wobbles etc.

I haven't seen remote have a big impact with hpv but I do have two new & untested experimental REMOTE presets that you could download and try.

As background to how these presets got developed, please see this post on targeting hpv;


So I decided to make a sweep that would ultimately target around 991xxx Hz & 1604xxx on Out2.
and on Out1 I offset (reduce) the Hz values a bit into a lower range (idea here was to try lower multiplier with remote)

Here is the program:
"BX SWEEP2",CUST,,"","1596000-1597000=180000 F1.005",,,180
In the preset; that uses this program; to achieve the devision when running the program I am using the 'Golden ratio 6 Step Ramp Down' frequency wobble setting.

Paul's post recommends to target around 1604280 at the same time; and that can be roughly achieved by multiplying Out2 = Out1 x 1.005
This idea of running two frequencies close together simultaneously is the new idea I have also been playing with recently.

Then, we need to make sure that if we hit the right match that we dwell on there for long enough.
I decided on 3 mins per hz, which makes the sweep last 50 hrs in total. (60 * 3 * 1000) secs = 50 hrs.

Whilst doing the frequency wobble we want it to dwell on each step so to do this I changed the Hz gate setting to 0.5 Hz rather than the normal 4Hz. This is the refresh rate applied to the generator program.

Finally, I am currently a fan of audio frequencies with remote; and since I haven't seen the remote have a lot of success in the 1604 range up til now I decided to make a separate preset that limited the Out2 values to under 1000Hz and again use golden ratio harmonic for the calculation, quite interestingly this yields a value of ~726-727Hz. 727 on its own has apparently helped individuals.

Caution: For amplitude, I have left it at 20V, but for animals I would normally suggest to use 4V maximum. (Higher may not be better)
Caution: For duration, you may want to pause the program overnight - observe carefully etc.


2.BE CAREFUL WITH THE AGGRESSIVE APPROACH! The life you save can be your pet's, or yours!

This technology is fantastic. It has helped me regain much health. Including things conventional Rx could not! It's FUN to experiment! HEALING is a GOOD thing! But FIRST DO NO HARM! Right? And there May be a way to do this safely, and even be effective too. First we must consider a few things.

Did you enjoy some chocolate, cheese, or bacon recently? Well according the the experts, these and seven other foods can KILL YOUR DOG! DEAD!

Why is that relevant? Food is a simple thing! Giving your DOG these HUMAN foods is dangerous to DOGS not HUMANS. If human foods can kill dogs, Why is it logical to think we can medically treat animals the way we treat people?

As a naturalist and animal lover who was raised on a farm I have to say I am very CAUTIOUS about treating animals with any alternative modalities.

ANIMALS ARE NOT PEOPLE, dogs and cats are typically NOT a big part of human medical research (unless you count forcing tobacco smoke into a dogs lungs!) Medically ANIMALS RESPOND DIFFERENTLY than people.

MY CONCERN FOR THE ANIMALS! You see, there was a time when I was just TESTING Spooky2 Remote to see if it worked. I left home with the generator running my specified frequency. Before I could return home, I was in MISERY! TOO MUCH SPOOKY2 was too much! I learned tolerance is frequency dependent. I can run Herxheimer frequencies and Schumann all day long! No problem. Other frequencies, not so!

Me being HUMAN I was ABLE to REASON that I needed to TURN THE MACHINE OFF, based on WHAT I was feeling. Unfortunately (no matter what Purinahypnosis and the MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR pet business at work brainwashing people say) Dogs and Cats CANNOT tell you THATS ENOUGH!!! or WRONG FREQUENCY!!!

So they can suffer. And some pet owners, (NOT YOU, of course) are so used to projecting human traits on their dogs and cats, and speaking to them in baby talk, etc. (animorphism) they are totally oblivious to the animals suffering. They are so WANTING to believe they are helping, and they are right, and their intentions are good, they'll Rife Em anyway!

Meaning well and good intentions do not excuse us. Anyone not trained as a Vet, or with a lot of experience dealing with animals won't be able to tell if the animal is being helped or hindered. The best you can do is LOOK at the dog and make your own best untrained assessment. Because the DOG CANNOT SPEAK! Even the Vet is guessing to some extent, though he too will speak to your pet and address them as a human. This is to PLEASE YOU and make you feel good about spending your money. though there are some Vets who are good enough to love what they do and are totally open and honest.

In treatment consider also you are dealing with something much smaller than a person. In hospitals pain meds are issued according to body weight. Many treatments are. So treatment may VARY! There ARE frequencies TOXIC to humans. What about animals? We EXPERIMENT to FIND OUT Yes?

Is any of this IMPORTANT when treating pets with Spooky2?

One way or another, by experimenting on your pet, you [b]will find out.

Also... If anyone is going to treat a pet. Consider all of what is was exposed to! Some of the same things people are exposed to and worse! So you would have to treat accordingly!

WHAT has your dog been eating??? You see amongst the generic, fat and bone trimmings, inedible meat scraps, blood, feathers, dead animals from meat and poultry slaughterhouses, processors, farms, ranches, feedlots, animal shelters, restaurants, butchers, and markets, "mixed species." ingredients unspecified proteins and fats may well - legally - include FILTHY DEAD DISEASED CAT AND DOG bodies.

Cows fed dead cows acted weird after a time and were found to have MAD COW DISEASE from eating ground up DEAD COWS in their feed! Heat (from cooking) does NOT destroy PRIONS, or a few other nasties apparently! Ahhhh Science! A cruel mistress!

This may seem shocking to us in 2016, but this is business as ususal for the pet food rendering industry. Do you really think this could POSSIBLY be well...Healthy?

Then we have side effects from Vet drugs that were given over the lifetime of the animal! All drugs have side effects, vets don't have to say what they are. It's in their best interests to smile like they love you, pet your animal with one hand while reaching for your debit card with other hand.

Otherwise they would tell you that ANY DRUG given to YOUR PET to rid it of ALL PARASITES would have to be strong enough to KILL YOUR PET! So they medicate the pet, giving you false security, bill you and send you home. Where the pet immediately constantly reinfects itself at the litterbox, light pole, fire hydrant, etc. You get the idea. Because of the very nature of dogs and cats, this is impossible to prevent. You can only control the parasite LOAD to an extent. And of course being "bugs" they get resistant to the chemicals. So there you go!

What to do, what to do, WHAT to do? Hmmmm. After much thought....

Any animal treated with Rife tech for example, I would suggest treating as you would a human as far as clean up the terrain, FIRST DOING DETOX AND PARASITE programs with Herxheimer frequencies running simultaneously to ease the discomfort which is IMPOSSIBKLE for your pet to tell you they are experiencing! I would also limit treatments to no more than 5 hours maximum per treatment. Think about WHAT they are exposed to in their food and environment, and treat for all that as well. The food could be loaded with all sorts of who knows what!?

Now for the hard part. This is where the haters come out and accuse me of stealing the Lindberg baby while shooting Kennedy on the grassy knoll! I will start by saying I have LOVED and OWNED many animals. Including several dogs and many cats.

They all had wonderful Dog Houses and cat accommodations! They were fed HOME COOKED MEALS< NOT ROAD KILL and FILTH loaded with chemicals from meat packers or diseased animals, or cyanide gassed shelter animals! Bottom line Our animals received much better NATURAL treatment and food than most ANY pets you will find! When you take time to COOK YOUR DOG AND CAT some REAL FOOD, that is an extreme show of LOVE! I have to say all that because.....We cause problems for animals in the WAY we show love sometimes, and the opposite is true!

Now then, What is HPV anyway? According to the CDC...

[b]HPV is a group of more than 150 related viruses. ... Some other HPV types can lead to cancer, especially cervical cancer. There are more than 40 HPV types that can infect the genital areas of males and females.[/b]

And though Purinahypnosis would have you believe otherwise, there ARE diseases your DOG and Cat can spread to YOU! See a few of them here!

Neither I nor you have (likely) ANY IDEA what all the HPV group of more than 150 related viruses are. their transmission modes, their mutation vectors, etc.

Dogs and cats easily reinfect themselves (with all sorts of things) due to all the licking which is part of their nature. Their tongue is both washrag and toilet paper. The leather pads on their feet collect germs, parasites, and parasite eggs and everything else in the world they walk into like litterboxes, and all the places your dog sniffs, walking where other dogs have recently peed or pooed, before relieving himself in the same place.

Then they lick their privates, their fur, and then guess who? All the time spreading everything they stepped on in the streets, throughout their doghouse, or your apartment.

I have had clients who simply were not getting better and staying well, until they moved the pet outdoors. Or traded the cat or dog for an aquarium. Fish ARE peaceful to look at and large ones like Oscars and Angels are quite intelligent and will interact with you as much as possible.

I HAD to "go there" because as much as I love animals, I L O V E Y O U! (that is PEOPLE) MORE!

I HAVE TO! It’s my nature. There are TOO MANY suffering PEOPLE all around. So people FIRST, then animals.

By all means, lovingly care for your pets,

WE CANNOT CREATE LIFE, so you must be very careful in how you are going to experiment with this LIVING creature! Because it IS an experiment! It is POSTED right in the forum and in the legal disclaimer that we are all experimenters. No shame in it. We must be always mindful of what this is and act with great compassion and responsibility!

Of course by all means consider all the facts, without emotions (yeah I know it's hard to leave emotions out of it, then proceed along a logical course of action. If it is any help I offer the illuminating Foundational Words of what the world famous Dog Whisperer preaches, actually he even uses it for a by-line in his commercials!

It goes like this..."Why be a FAMILY when you can be a PACK!" You see, HE KNOWS and PREACHES the truth. A Dog will NEVER be able to act like a human, and all those people with "dog problems" in their home are re-educated to act like a pack of dogs, complete with Alpha Male Hierachy, then the dog chills out!

In matters of family health and pet health, the PACK mentality must at least temporarily be abandoned in favor of human reason! They cannot speak, turn knobs, set frequencies, or a million other things people can easily do. So we must look at ALL the angles, and not just treat them as PEOPLE because something works for people! To do this this is arrogance and may not be in their best interests.

In closing please accept my apology if I have offended anyone in any way! Though true and relevant, some find this information disorienting. And for spelling errors if any.

3. I like the approach of food was is bad for your dog. But think if it is .... its bad for you too ?

Apology is not needed, no one gets offended. These are your thoughts based on your own experiences.
That does not mean you are 100% wright. It means you are learning by error and mistake like everyone else.

I have a totally other believe based on my personal experiences on a physical, psychological, spiritual, scientific base.
I have healed ALL dogs and cats which were giving up to die within 6 - 8 weeks after thousands of vet bills and drawers full of so called medicine. Trash.

All of them live and lived many years in health after treating them.
VETs were asking their clients how it was done ..... i can tell very simple, listen and look and use your brain.

I treated them for FREE with human LOVE approach. Healed them with Reiki, Prana healing, Qigong, etc.
Zapped them with a Hulda Clark zapper.
Let them eat human food as the owners. >> What you eat let them eat <<
Gave them Hulda Clarks protocol (wormwood, cloves, black walnut hull caps / or tinture)

But hygiene is very important. My dog and cat get a bath every week (yes also my cat)
My dogs feet are washed every day after a walk. Also the but/ass.
(yeah lazy people will say washing is very bad for a dog or cat, I would say don’t wash yourself for a month and see what happens with the BUGS armies in and on you).


That's in short what i have to share.

Have a wonderful life with your family which include also you dog, cat, bird, fish, butterfly.


Another thing, animals DO talk, If you listen. Even fish.

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