Can I repeat running Cancer Protocol after I finished one cycle?

For the BY Cancer Protocol:

Day 1 - 15 is essentially a terrain detox preparation cycle.

Day 16-18 is the immunomodulators.

Day 19 - 25 is the cancer specific cycle.

Once you have completed one cycle, you would only repeat days 16 - 25.

This gives you a 3 day break from the cancer cycle when targeting the immunomodulators prior to hitting the cancer cycle again.

The My Scan could be the 9 minute cancer range scan if you wish, or the full default biofeedback scan of 20 frequencies from the 76kHz to 152kHz range.

You would apply the same scan results for the 10 day cycle that repeats, and rescan on each restart at a minimum.

For the DB Cancer Protocol:

It is essentially similar in pattern. Depending on which one you are on, and based on your question I think you are using one of the contact versions.

After you finish the entire cycle, you would not repeat Phase 1, but rather repeat starting at the beginning of Phase 2.

Every time you start a new cycle of Phase 2, perform new scans when indicated and use the results until indicated to scan again.

For instance, Plasma Plus has you rescan every 4 days. Contact Plus 4 has you rescan ever 6 days.

With the DB Cancer Protocol, he has you use two biofeedback scans to generate two sets of data to use per interval indicated.

See page 3 and 4 for details regarding which presets to load to get the scan data.

For more details, please check the link:

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