Does anyone have any experience or suggestions on how to make best use of the various Spooky modalities for 'vascualer dementia'? We have remote, contact, plasma and laser.

1. Apart from frequencies for vascular dementia I would use those for Alzheimer's disease too. Sometimes it is difficult to recognize exactly what is the difference unless one dies and others look at his/her brain.
There are many causes of it. According to Dr. Wilson they may be:
1) yeast in the brain
2) brain diabetes
3) pharmaceutical of recreational drug use
4) malnutrition
5) toxic metals/ chemicals
6) impaired circulation to the brain
7) subtle infections in or near the brain
8) mental/ physical inactivity
9) some diseases (tumors, etc.)

So it would be best to do everything you can to treat it or prevent it. The remote mode is most convenient of course and works great. Terrain protocol and detox protocols are also worthy consideration.
Taking coconut oil is very important!

Alzheimer's - Must Watch - Dr Mary Newport - Coconut Oil MTC's (full length)
Dr. Newport's effective work on memory loss and Alzheimer's with coconut oil (shorter)- Part I

Other supplements may work wonders too.
Alzheimer's Disease, How I Stopped and Reversed It

Articles & Research

2. I think is is Dr Matthias Rath's protocol for plaque, is using Lysine, Proline and Vitamin C

Theory is plaque is your body's first-aid to patch inflammation caused cracks in the vessels.

Then the first step is Knowing his cause of systemic inflammation.

Toxins, pathogens,etc
Re-watch the Alzheimer's series as much info is given, a key could be easily missed.
Excellent series. Gives me hope that some MDs do care.
Lumbrokinase, and Serrapeptase, Nattokinase, can help clear vessels too.
Since they are "blood thinners" use caution and seek advice from your physician. Go slow.
Pathogens have been known to inhabit the brain area and heart, causing vessel damages.
A alternative practitioner with bioenergetic scanner or Field Control Therapy training or Contact Reflex Analysis EAV meridian points, might help discover the cause of inflammation. Dr Klinghardt has developed his own version of "muscle testing."Some are not so skilled as I have found.
You'd be fortunate to find one that uses a Darkfield microscope for blood viewing, which might expose some pathogens. And if blood cells have distorted shapes that can aid you too, as shapes often indicate issues.
Hair analysis for discovering Toxins and heavy metals would be beneficial for everyone but, a few hundred dollars is the cost.
Some can perform a scan with just hair samples if none are nearby.
a "good" experienced ND or even a DC is a possibility
Dr Tent from Novi Michigan offers consults via Skype
See Diverse Health Services.
His Youtube series of lectures might hold some keys for you too
Awesome chiropractor...genius

3. We do take the above supplements recommended by Linus Pauling to remove arterial plaques. It is effective, taken together with below formula. My husbands carotid artery's plaque has been greatly diminished. The Pauling recommended supplements have to be taken as long as we live though.


one cup each:

Lemon Juice
Curcumin Juice (from fresh root)
Garlic Extract (Juice)
Apple Cider Vinegar
Honey or a cup of fruit or vegetable juice

Mix them all except the honey.

Boil that mix of (first four ingredients) 4 cups in a non-metallic pan to reduce into 3 cups, when it cools down naturally, we can add a cup of honey, and can take that amalgamation 1 tablespoon daily. Transfer to a jar with tight lid and refrigerate and take your one tablespoon each morning. You might want to take chlorophyll capsule, or if in liquid form, one teaspoon, half an hour after ingesting that mix.

4. PLASMA is the most powerful tool you have (next to prayer)!

There could be all kinds of electronic interference from cell phones, WIFI, etc. that could possibly interfere with remote mode.

I have been researching this. Meanwhile I UNPLUG ROUTERS AND WIFI AND TURN OFF CELL PHONE when doing REMOTE! These devices cause sickness anyway so it is best to limit your exposure.

I have had success with remote in many things. However Plasma ALWAYS is MORE EFFECTIVE QUICKLY!

Also since you have SC and Plasma, why not run the (John White) 8 Hour Overnight Kill program set? You will find it under plasma settings. This set is AWESOME as it will automatically program and apply 50% of EVERYTHING IN THE SPOOKY2 DATABASE in only 8 hours. I ran it for three nights in a row. This set has slingshot me to greater health by getting things I was not even aware of out of my life!

During ANY DETOX or Killing session I run LYME HERXHEIMER HELPER 1 and 2 on another generator 24/7! It gives great relief and prevents me from feeling bad as I get better! Suggested to me by the Dynamic Debonaire David Bourke! Failure to run this can make you feel sick from the die off of germs etc.

Of course DRINKING at least 64 ounces of PURE WATER

and refraining from ANY FOODS WITH ARTIFICIALITY AND GMOs, PRESERVATIVES, is pretty muchmandatory when dealing with such health issues.

5. Preface, these additional resources may or may not be your cup of tea. I am posting them because they have helped me personally on many levels, which are also important to heal.

Just chiming in to share that to addition to all of the above resources, there is also The Divine Healing Codes, which have codes for dementia, and many other conditions. along with
codes for 'cellular damages of any sort' and those wider ways to help.

I have found Orgonite, with its ability to transform DOR--deadly orgone/life force/chi into POR--Positive Orgone/life force/chi.

Much information and resources for purchasing online.
I have purchased from and

ALSO, The Template is a series of coded ceremonies which
reconnect the bio-circuitry of our original holonomic being. I have watch the first two Ceremonies and feel the difference in ways beyond words.
First two ceremonies are online for free.

They eventually intend to make all ceremonies available for free.

link to ceremony 1

Let's pray Trump makes good on his promises and doesn't repeat the blind allegiance to Big Pharma.

For more details, please check the link:

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