Is there anyone here with an autoimmune and/or lyme label who found they actually did better with some grains?

1. Fiber is really important to help with elimination and bind to toxins. You don't have to use grains, but use seeds, and sprouts instead. Listen to your own body. Not everyone responds well to the same things.

2. Do what you feel is right for you. I have an occasional bowl of organic rolled oats. It may not be good for anything but my soul, but I love that treat.

3. Anywhere from 1/2 - 2 tablespoons of ground flax seed, softened in warm water for a few minutes does wonders for bowels! It was recommended by my Chinese acupuncturist. 1/2 T is what works best for me. I had to listen to what my body told me would work. Go organic and grind it yourself, keeping it refrigerated.

4. Yes I mostly consume organic blended chia seeds and organic flax seeds. I try to stay away from grains as many are toxic laced with glyhosate and or pesticides and or are gmo. All programmed to intentionally destroy the colonic gut system some think because dis-ease creates customers who will spend lots of $$ on treatments years and years go organic be free.

5. I eat no plant based fibers. And do best on a 100% carnivore diet. Since I have Lyme I had allot of intestinal problems. I switched a few times from diets to find out what works best for me. Intil some one directed me to I don't regred started this 16 months ago.

6. I have Lyme and am gluten sensitive. I'm eating a largely paleo diet, but find I have no problems with white basmati rice occasionally (apparently one of the easiest grains to digest), and 2 or 3 pieces of gluten free bread per week. For me, it's important to get some carbs, which I get from cooked turnip, carrots, sometimes sweet potato, along with a lot of other vegetables. I do need to eat some carbs each day for energy purposes. I found out that my body was showing signs of catabolyzing its own protein (muscle) when I didn't get enough carbs. So I make grains the exception; but it's all about finding one's own balance; we're all different.

7. The best diet recommendations I found were Eat Right 4 Your Type and subsequent variations that take more individuality into the recommendations...
I also ate too low-carb for a time prior to ER4YT and made myself worse... Cells need certain sugars to be able to function properly, so it isn't good to deprive them of those.

8. I spent a month at a holistic clinic in Germany where they suggested ProSymbio Flor to rebuild the gut bacteria. It's a three-part escalating series of dead and live microorganisms administered via liquid suspension. I found it quite helpful. While they did not advocate eating more grain, they did advocate eating greater quantities of everything, especially vegetables: more food seems to give the system more to work with and increases overall productivity. Be well.

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