My wife has cancer. She is finding it increasingly difficult to breath properly, and at times she is becoming irritable and forgetful and I'm fearing the worst, I'm worried that these signs may be the beginning of secondaries to the brain.

1. Get regular scans done by your doctor to see whether the tumor(s) are getting smaller. This will tell you if the program sets you are running are working.

Also search this forum for similar cancer issues.

You could also consider getting a Bioresonance Scanner say Hunter4025 or the 8D-LRIS. Dedicated forum to these machines

Registration Question Dutch Parliament city: Hague or Den Haag
Comparison of Bioresonance machines by site Admin Charles:

Here is another Bioresonance Scanner with more info about how it works:

In addition to Rifing, here are some other things to consider trying:
1. Doing Coffee enemas at least 3 times a day as recommended in the Gerson Cancer Therapy, do the colon first, then the liver;
2. Fruit Juice and vegetable juice as per the Gerson therapy. One 8 ounce glass of juice every hour during the day, organic fruit & vegetables if possible:- celery, beetroot, wheat grass, kale, carrots, apples, oranges, add other different colours of fruits as available, dark plums, etc.
You will need some guidance from a doctor who also does natural therapies.
I recommend that you get the Gerson Therapy handbook.

To help slow down her cancer to buy some time consider alkalized water, measure the ph level of the urine and or saliva with test strips. It is not recommended to do this for an extended time as this will disrupt the stomach's acidity level and hence the extraction of nutrients.

3. Consider making lipsomal vitamin C using Acerola Cherry vitamin C.

4. Also consider Tony Pantallaresco's cancer remedy

2. Please see the post by "drloyd" in the linked thread. For the record he has a PhD in nutrition and is not a medical doctor but he has quite a bit of experience with frequency use (he uses different equipment but he often uses remote delivery). Also note that he finds some people do not process mold out of the body efficiently and that these people have a harder time dealing with cancer. There is a fairly simple foot bath that can be created to help with this. You can get a mold test done on Dr Loyd's site.

Start with the information on this thread:

3. The brain communicates with a sodium bicarbonate molecule + magnesium bicarbonate + sodium bicarbonate molecule.

Every day, in the morning, afternoon, evening

My advise: 1,5 TEA spoon sodium bicarbonate + half fresh lemon in a glass of water.
Add 5 drops of dmso.

Note: the body itself produces sodium bicarbonate untill there are barriers .... disruptions.

It needs sodium bicarbotate and magnesium bicarbonate to communicate on a cellular level.
To take actions itself in healing.

So keep it simple and do this for 1 month to see results then do your evaluation and you will continue.

And with love we share the simple solutions.

Also use the Hulda Clark protocol.

You want to have it stopped and cured.

Use this 3 times a day for a month

Note: do not forget the power of spooky2, use it together.

Besides all above
Start using DHEA, 50 to 100 mg mg a day

(don’t listen to doom thinkers, its really a booster for your immume system)

(only if you have prostate cancer, you should not take more than 50 mg a day)

Anti cancer; besides all above

Shark liver oil (deep sea) they don’t get cancer
Perilla oil
Cats claw
Soursop / graviola (10.000x stronger then anti cancer medicins)

For more details, please check the link:

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