I suffer huge leg and foot cramping. I cramp so bad I wake through my sleep multiple times with cramps so bad I can't weight stand or walk. I have taken magnesium / salts etc with little relief. Can anyone guide me with using my spooky to clear this?

1. Have you tried potassium with magnesium? A good electrolyte would help. You can also send potassium and magnesium through the spooky.

2. I always tell my clients with cramping muscles to drink lots of water throughout the day with a pinch of sea salt in it. Cramping happens with dehydration. The sea salt has the minerals that the water molecules need to bind to in the body. W/o the minerals the water goes right through you.

3. MSM comes in a powder form. There are 2 types of MSM. Opti-MSM is a better form of MSM for this type of situation. Its a blood amplifier and increases circulation ten fold. I have problems with sciatica and my acupuncturist got me into MSM. It helps with many different types of conditions and aliments. He says one of the most important components for the human body is salt but its important to intake the right type. MSM is a superior salt product that he swears by. I have had good effects from it for my lower back which had a lack of circulation in it. now the effective dosage is you have to take at least 8 - 10 grams of it a day. They give you a very small scooper in the bottle so that means 8-10 grams in water. I don't know if you have Vitamin Shoppes near you. But I buy their brand which is Opti-MSM. It’s cheap for like 20 bucks you get a nice sized bottle last you at least a month. Don't take it at night because since its a blood amplifier, it may keep you up, also, this is a great product for men in need of circulation for ED problems so much better for you and it really works.

4. Have you had blood tests to determine if you have any mineral deficiencies etc? For a couple hundred bucks, you can have a detailed workup done, that would help you with supplementation, and maybe even your rife work.

5. There are a few magnesium frequency sets. Run them as healing treatment. I supplement with magnesium citrate 500 mg 2 caps a day. Some manufacturers would indicate in their label 500 mg. Look at the back label, and make sure how many capsules/tablets you have to take to get the 400 or 500 mg. Some need 2 other 1 for 400 mg. Also drink lots of water. Cramps are also from dehydration. I supplement with magnesium citrate using 2 capsules to get the 500 mg. a day

6. For "normal" cramps in calves or other long muscles, drink four ounces of Schweppes Indian Tonic Water before bed. Not the "Diet" version, but the original. This contains quinine (any other brand that contains this is fine, too).

For smooth muscle cramps (over bone) which can't be stretched out, try running frequencies for blood flukes.

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