Are there any suggestions for depression?

1. Depression can be a symptom of mild-to-moderate chronic infections, especially parasitic activity (not just large organisms living in the bile ducts, but microorganisms inhabiting compromised tissues). All parasites have their own biorhythms and will respond to lunar phases, solar phases, human host nutritional input.... Over time, they can build micro-environments with their byproducts that support multiple species. During courses of human intervention (dietary changes, drug interventions), some parasites can ex-cyst outside their normal habitat, and survive quite happily in their juvenile forms (even reproducing as such) until they can safely return to their preferred breeding ground. Rifing may disturb a foreign organism's habitat, forcing them to increase their activity in their own fight for survival. Your husband's depression could very well be a response to the ebb and flow of foreign organism/parasitic activity. I agree with you that you are onto something.

2. Yep, I would certainly recommend the enema's for the Herx - the great people on these sites advised me - went this afternoon and improved immediately.

For more details, please check the link:

3. Run endorphin release.

4. There’s a strong correlation between severe depression and infection with Lyme pathogens - when the spooky kills them it can cause people to feel worse. I’ve found that some of the more healing programs still cause a die off reaction and feeling worse.

5. I had a similar result with Calming for my wife. These are the programs that helped her. I also included Schumann resonance too.


For more details, please check the link:

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