What can help migraines subside?

1. I am convinced that Strongyloides is after migraines (and after a great number of conditions too). Dr. Clark even thought Strongyloides caused Schyzofrenia, and many other mental conditions. Pets are a source of reinfection, so you must consider getting rid of them, or put them also into the zapper program.

2. Don't forget the Ascaris, many were found in the brains.

My advise 1,5 TEAspoon sodium bicarbonate + half fresh lemon in the morning and in the evening.

3. My experience with headaches, migraines emanated from very strong bright light reflections. I used to bury my head under the pillow, and not move at all otherwise my entire head and heart would pulsate.

It stopped when I avoided looking directly at lights (except for looking at the sun directly) or wore dark glasses.
Sunlight and bright light reflections on chrome decors and black tints of vehicles are great culprits.

My brother-in-law could not get relief from MDs and medicines, but when told and started using dark glasses his migraines also stopped. If he forgets, he gets an attack.

4. Try the measles programs. Measles (from the vaccine), or infection from the past can still be in the body.

For more details, please check the link:

5. It will also help if your diet is clean (At least no sugar and dairy. Those are huge triggers for migraines. Gluten is also a trigger for some. For me soy was a big one.)

6. I would do biofeedback and run the results by remote 24/7 once a week and do detox maintenance on the other generator. When you get a migraine, you can pull up the migraine frequencies and do the ones that stand out to you.

7. Keep a journal of what you are doing so you can look back and see what worked fast and what did not work at all.

8. It's highly possible there is a block in your body, maybe close to your head. Doing meditation and have a clean diet would help. Do a GX scan using baseline function and then run the scan results would help.

9. My migraines went away when I quit gluten, sugar, and dairy.

10. You can buy 1 generator with contacts. Go to the Spooky2 dictionary and look up migraines and you'll find causation (Helicobacter, Ascaris, ileocecal valve, and 2 others). Run kill and your migraines will turn to headaches and then go away because the cause is gone. Muscle test to see what your actual cause is so you don't waste time working on something you don't have.

I have had my migraines worked on remotely, my migraines are intense, don’t move for 3 days but does not affect my entire body. They run no cardia and prion frequencies on me. Prions are not in Spooky2. I have been loaned a friend's Spooky2 (2XM generators) and am in the process of learning to care for myself.

For more details, please check the link:

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  • I suffered the same terrible Migraines for many years.

    One day, I made a bet with a coworker who was a vegan that I could quit eating meat for thirty days!

    Well I won the bet, and more! The migraines were gone the whole time. When I went back to eating meat the migraines returned. After much science it was discovered that THE CHEMICALS IN THE ANIMALS AND THEIR FEED WAS CAUSING THE MIGRAINES!

    EVEN GREEN BEANS "SEASONED" WITH PORK, THAT IS, BOILED WITH PORK FAT FOR FLAVORING, CAUSED TERRIFIC MIGRAINES! And why wouldn't it?! The POISON was boiled out of the meat and into the veggies! YEeech!

    I eat ORGANIC, FREE RANGE, Grass FED meats and poultry so I do NOT get migraines any more!

    It took over a decade to figure this out! I have no doubt that the majority of migraine sufferers are likely polluted with these chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics, and filth fed these animals by the industry.

    This is very simple and easy fix. So give out a try. Just eliminate all meat from your diet, or go totally organic.


    If you are serious about using this method you should clean out your colon right away to eliminate any toxic build up of the above chemicals first. And begin eating either ORGANIC meats or do not eat meat at all! And enjoy life without migraines!

    I do!

    Be well!


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