Presets for Type 2 Diabetes

Acrochordon, or Skin tags may serve as a marker for those people whose carbohydrate metabolism is impaired and for those who may be at risk for diabetes mellitus type 2. The incidence of skin tags, and elevated blood sugar and insulin are directly related.

It has been proven the role of Human Papiloma virus 6 and 11 in the pathogenesis of the skin tags, so, its presence is also related to diabetes2.
There are freqs for HPV6 and HPV11 on the database, but I have prepared a much wider set, and also a preset to deliver the freqs.

I am using MM_InvSawtoothHarmonic to give up to eight direct harmonics (and much more indirect ones). The presets are for contact, plasma, remote and laser mode.
If using plasma or contact, once a day would do the job, and remote mode could be run 24/7.
Use boost for contact and remote modes.

This is a totally new approach to fight the causes of diabetes2, and not only its symptoms. Don’t expect a rapid blood sugar lowering as when you use Diabetes2 CAFL. These presets are for treating the possible cause, so the lowering of your sugar levels will come naturally with the use of the sets.

For more details, please check the link:

2. Mineral Deficiency

Through extensive research, we now know the underlying cause of type 2 diabetes is a simple mineral deficiency. And Dr. Wallach discovered that the body needs 90 essential nutrients to function at optimal state. People who suffer from type 2 diabetes lack the minerals needed to allow the body to use the insulin the body is still producing. Hence, according to Dr. Wallach, the treatment for type 2 diabetes involves addressing the issue of mineral deficiency.

The Wallach Revolution Effect

In an interview with Dr. Peter Glidden, Dr. Wallach‘s take on diabetes cure was the main topic of the discussion. Dr. Wallach shared that a naturopathic approach and the supplementation with products containing 90 essential nutrients were able to help around 400 diabetics in Los Angeles alone. Some patients no longer needed medication or insulin shots, while also being able to avoid further complications. Hence, Dr. Wallach continues to educate people about the importance of minerals in the body.

With medical nutrition intervention, Dr. Wallach believes that chronic conditions like type 2 diabetes are manageable and even reversible. As long as people with diabetes know how to address their mineral deficiency, they can live a healthier and longer life.

3. I attach two presets following the info presented by Reuben, Michael and Paul (thank you).


This one is for minerals, especially chromium and vanadium, but also selenium, thioctic acid, lipoic acid, magnesium and boron. It is for remote mode, and I would use it 24/7.

MM_Diabetes Microcurrent(C).txt Microcurrent(C).zip

This one is for emulating the treatment suggested by Paul. As Spooky2 has its own limitations, I've composed the closest treatment possible. Voltage goes only up to 10VPP at a given time, as opposed to the 40V of the original treatment. Also, I've incorporated an amplitude wobble that matches the duration of a cycle of 22:46 min, so when there is a change of polarity, the amplitude is almost cero to prevent jolts.

It is for contact mode. Documentation suggests it has to be used about 3.5 hours in a daily basis for almost a week.

High blood glucose is a very serious condition, and must be supervised by a medicine doctor. Your own tests and experiments must be done only when your glucose level is under control.

For more details, please check the link:

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  • Thank you for your research and work. Just stumbled upon this . Being type 2 and borderline , I will do more research and put this to work. Thanks again


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