When I hit the Detox Matrix few hours ago I started to really smell bad. I was just wondering if I should perhaps run Detox Matrix longer, until the bad smell will stop or I should just keep going with the program?

1. Possibly soak in the tub to continue to pull the toxins out. 1/2 c baking soda, 1/2 cup magnesium or epson salt and essential oils. I have not had this happen but seems like a good thing.

2. If this happened to me, I would think it would be a good sign. I myself would keep going and use essential oils to mask the smell like Patchouli or Rose. I would also drink gallon of pure water per 24 hours. I found smell to be to intense I might drink 1 teaspoon, per glass of water of food grade activated charcoal and or bentonite clay.

3. I would probably keep going, and come back to this frequency set when I complete the protocol to see if I still benefit from it later, or if the body was able to clear it all while the protocol was in progress...
You could continue with this set, but this protocol is long enough that unless I had to stop due to excessive herx from a set, I would keep going.

4. I don't know that I'd want to reduce the smells, as this is all junk being dumped out of the body... At times, I have had to take 2 showers a day to be able to stand myself...

When the body has stored all kinds of junk for years of not being able to eliminate it, there can be many strange smells emanate from it when it finally is healing and clearing it all out.

There is an "Ammonia Remove" to reduce ammonia or "vinegar" odors. I don't know if this would help break up the odors without reducing the healing, etc., that is happening.

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