My 14 year old son has a high intellect, but definitely some ADD / ADHD type behavior going on. He's very disorganized and unmotivated to do work. He has allergies, eczema, sensory issues and he likely has leaky gut.

1. Eliminate dairy, gluten, and sugar. Dairy and gluten peptides cross leaky guts, introducing a form of morphine into the body. Makes concentration and focus very difficult. see

2. I was a child with similar problems, then in 20ties it got worst and had strong focus problems. For me it was dairy allergy, I also went plant based and it really helps me to eat according to Chinese medicine - lots of whole foods - cooked or raw depending on your climate and how strong he is. Also supporting his liver and kidney with herbs - ginger, nettle leaves, milk thistle and dandelion, as well as adding herbs like oregano and Rosemarie to foods when cooking.

When you are going to you Spooky on him, please make sure to work from smaller things to Bigger - so Morgellon protocol is good to start with (I didn't do that and my body with autoimmune problems was to weak, so that's why I advise to start with supporting liver and kidney) Also make sure his stomach acids are strong - you can use digestive bitters or enzymes with each meal, otherwise he won't process the foods he eats (even if he eats the best quality whole foods) and it will cause allergies. I hope your son will find strenght and feel better with each step.

3. It all begins in the gut...

The best solutions I've found to solve this exact problem is Eat Right 4 Your Type, and subsequent works by Dr. Peter D'Adamo which reduce toxin generators based on the individual, and Spooky to kill infections without antibiotics / anti-fungals, etc., so the gut can rebuild and also stimulate good body functions to heal...

There are many other methods I have tried that were partial band-aids, but in the end, didn't really solve issues...

4. One of the things that "clicked" for my son, was that he noticed every time he ate bread or pasta, he felt a little "mucousy," like stuff was gumming up in his throat. We had him do a two-week gluten-free test, and the difference was amazing. This was just the start. It takes years to heal the cumulative damage -- it wasn't only diet, it was parasites, too. You're going to get a lot of health advice from this forum, so I have confidence that you will eventually get control of that part of your son's life. Instead, I'll just encourage you to love your son for who he is now. He needs your support to withstand the inadequacies he may be feeling in school. There may come a point where he needs a "gap year." Take it. There are many ways to grow, and when he returns to the classroom, he'll be stronger for it. Give him the grace to find his own feet. Remind him daily he is loved. And don't get caught up in what your son is "supposed" to do. He will be a better person for following his own path. The same goes for you, as a parent. Love yourself. Be patient. There are many ways to help your child build a successful life. But the most important way, is to fill it with love.

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