Any suggestions on ankle smashed?


1. My husband crushed his ankle and even amputation was being considered. He is diabetic. It took 2 years before he was even able to wear shoes and was bedridden for months. We were sent home with a 5 thousand dollars electrical band which he used 2 times a day for over a year. Nothing. In 6 weeks with Spooky2 Plasma he had unbelievable results according to the surgeons. It was truly amazing. Back to 2 shoes and walking unassisted.

We used all bone regeneration programs we could find and circulation, fractures, ankle and pain. We used plasma. I made a makeshift set up from a box. Also, continued with remote 24/7.
Here is a pic. 2 hours every evening and remote. As you can see in this picture ankle is already black dead skin. This pic to shows the possibility of serious complications on his diabetic leg. I took an Amazon box so it would hold plasma tube right over ankle. Nothing fancy!


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3. I fractured my ankle back in January. By the time I got my first Spooky2 generator, it was mostly healed, but I still had a bit of pain. I ran a shell preset remotely, and created a program with a bunch of bone healing selections like: fracture, bone healing, bone regeneration, ligament, tendons, etc. I ran it remotely for a few days, and it made a big difference. Obviously, you'll need to run it for a lot longer.

4. I just use the user preset heal and load bone fracture, bone healing and bone growth. I add calcium and vitamin D. I found bone conduction not helpful bit recovery time down nearly by half. All ran remote.

5. PEMF or laser might speed healing.

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