I have had multiple floaters for years. They cover the entire field of vision in both eyes and have gradually gotten worse as I have aged. They range from specks to fibrous tangles.

Four days ago I began using the Spooky2-XM generator. I attached gel patches to my temples and ran the following program x2 consecutively daily:
130,350,850,1830=900,5430,17500,42500,236420,478500,527000,667000 W2 D50 A10

With the 50% duty square wave and amplitude set at 10 V, the lower frequencies cause significant facial and jaw twitching but I wanted to make sure I was getting optimal tissue penetration.

This is a compilation of the KHZ and XTRA programs in the Spooky2 database with the addition of the 15 minute minimum dwell for 1830 per recommendation from "The Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy and Holistic Health" by Nenah Sylver, PhD.

Results to Date:
All of the floaters have changed in nature from entities with definite structure to diffused, soft images that are not nearly as obtrusive as before. I can still recognize the same floaters in their original locations but they no longer have as much detail or structure. It's as though I can now "see through" them as if they are ghost images of their former selves. I estimate their density at approximately 50% as compared to before treatment.

I didn't expect any discernible changes in less than a couple of months if at all. It was quite surprising to see these changes so quickly. I intend to continue daily treatments and will report as I progress.

For more details, please check the link:

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