Are there any frequencies to heal self-destruction, self-punishment, will to suffer, self-hatred, inability to forgive oneself, inability to feel self-love, to open oneself to good..., please?

1. Emotional ties to Diseases CAFL is a very important one.
Chakras sets are also a must.

2.The thread link below contains a list of what your are looking for.

Try the Divine Healing Codes for Soul, Negative Energies, Miasms, Grounding and Chakra repair/forgiveness etc. There are many many more that should jump out at you:

Nothing else comes close..... once you are able to accept such things from Divine Universal sources. Just keep trying as it gets easier.

Machines will only get you so far because they are working on a physical level, and you are so much more than that, although there are many more hopeful signs of Awakening now.... let us see where we are in 2 years time.

Most Humans are still sleeping in the Physical realm. It is what the Ego desires to survive - But this will change rapidly in the next 18 months for the lucky ones!

3. I recommend seeing an acupuncturist. Have some needles in the points that have to do with self esteem, self respect and what one deserves in life. My acupuncturist sets tiny needles in the ears for those points. The small needles pop out after a week or so. It would complement the other modalities you do and make your body more susceptible to change. It hurts a bit when he sets the needles in the ear, especially when I am dealing with something from the past that affects me currently. Wonder why.

Hang in there, it gets better. It is an uphill battle, but once you reach the top the snowball will start rolling. It will not be over, but once you get on top of things it will be a lot easier than it is now.

4. You can try the Schumann resonator preset with a special BN+MN remote configuration.
The preset is available under the preset collection menu heal | remote.

See this and following posts and some comments by Nicola.

A picture of the remote configuration is here:

Run it continuously, low amplitude if necessary.

As another experiment, you could try putting a drop of geranium on the paper-tape along with the DNA in the remote.

For more details, please check the link:

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