Can Spooky2 help with lung cancer?

1. Have been using the Spooky to help my wife in her battle with lung cancer. so far, each pets can she has had seems to “Look better than the last one” according to her pulmonary doctor. His words were” The tumor shows no signs of growth and it appears to be encased”. We use it to help with her pain and swelling legs caused by a previous cancer surgery where the removed the lymph glands. But most noticeable is the pain relief in her back from several herniated discs. We also invested in the Spooky Central system to take her treatment to the next level. Having become more familiar and comfortable with the equipment. I just ordered another 4 generator set so I can help more people and other family members. Spooky 2 and the Spooky team are the best. And the members on the Facebook groups are dedicated to helping each other and sharing what they have learned. So glad to be a part.


Here is a facebook post from our friend Graham who HAD stage four liver and lung cancer.

“Yes! yes! yes! CEA levels down again. 3.1 today. Those suckers are running, but they can’t hide. The Rife death ray is on their tails. Now I just need a CT scan to see what’s happening inside” (CEA is the measure of cancer in the blood). He started out at 65 and now down to 3.1.

Such great news for Graham and his friends and family. This is his second time battling cancer , last time was stage two liver, he did only chemo and it took the lining off his stomach and made him very sick. He lost heaps of weight and was unable to continue teaching. He finally got the all clear and then of course it returned as stage four. This time he’s been able to do only a small amount of chemo as now the cancer is almost gone. His oncologist is surprised how quickly it has gone. We are treating him twice a week with spooky central cancer and spooky central cancer (with carrier) programme preset rest of the time he’s on detox and lymphs on remote. He’s had about 16 treatments. He has remained well and able to continue working. He’s one happy man! He has also educated himself and about treating cancer and had been exercising for the first time in his life at 66 and cut right back on sugar. he’s not good on drinking water and hasn’t taken any other supplements. Since he’s come across spooky and got his head around the science of it he seemed to get a new positive attitude about his recovery and is always smiling when he comes for a treatment. Can anyone advise how we should treat him once the CEA levels are at zero. He’s keen now to get a juicer and have at least one good immune boost juice a day. Money is a bit of an issue so can’t really afford expensive supplements.

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