Does someone know the auto intoxication and detox auto intoxication sets? Having a big problem with my intestine for aver 20 years, my intestine can't stand what I eat and reject it by the skin: result is psoriasis.

1. Without knowing anything about your history, which treatment modalities you have tried, any other medical issues etc. it seems like you have a serious case of leaky gut and the food allergies that come with it. Not sure auto intoxication is the cause of your problems, but it could be a consequence. Your liver is likely severely overburdened and your adrenals may also be fatigued.

Sorry if you know this already. If you need advice on restoring your gut and getting the allergies down, please post it in the thread and I'll reply (hopefully many others as well) It is not difficult, it just takes time, some effort and perseverance.

For the auto intoxication sets, I am unfortunately not able to offer much advice.

2. Read this post

3. Something that will probably help with your psoriasis is turmeric taken orally and colloidal silver topically. They both work in different ways from different directions to the relieve skin inflammation. A 25 year old female friend of mine had 40% coverage of her body with psoriasis most of her life. She had tried every type of prescription and cream with very little success.

I suggested that she take 2 turmeric 500 mg every morning and and every evening. Spray her skin 3 to 4 times a day with 10 ppm colloidal silver. In 5 weeks her skin was completely clear for the first time since she could ever remember.

I have been taking it 2 - twice a day for 2 years for joint inflammation. I have had rotator cuff problems in both shoulders and now have no problem at all. Every year through out the year I hand split 10 to 12 cords of wood with an ax. I am 64 years old and it really does work for inflammation of many types. Do your research, don't take my word for it.

4. Psoriasis is often the result of intolerance to gluten and signifies leaky gut as said. Many find help in the autoimmune protocol which excludes grains, nuts, seeds, legumes, nightshades and dairy. Have to tried to reintroduce meat and fish?

5. I would be sure to read through every one of the essential oils, & pick any that minister to "skin" conditions. For sure, I'd include them.

6. Psoriases = Kidney. I have this problem and I think it is from having a toxic "Kidney" (and liver) So at moment, I am rifing all the Kidney frequencies (that look relevant) and loop those with Healing (x) xx and white top remote and another spooky2 generator rifing detox frequencies with white top remote and Healing (x) xx More info: Psoriasis, Kidney Disease Link Found | Medpage Today Ps. I am also using plasma and contact mode and also spooky pulse frequencies, also I think skin problem are also caused by "glyphosate" so I am rifing "glyphosate" white top remote and healing.

7. I've had psoriasis for nearly 45 years. I tried all kinds of settings and made myself worse before I got better because I didn't detox adequately first of all (I had pain all over my body as well). I cleared both problems by doing Rife Detox for a very long time along with footbath detoxes when I remembered and Hulda Clark Liver cleanses with more than adequate Spooky Parasite killing programmes prior to liver cleansing. The trick for me was in the detoxing.

8. Vitamin D deficiency is nearly always implicated in Psoriasis. Leaky guy will prevent absorption so needs to be dealt with first. Sun exposure helps to correct this of course.
For more details, please check the link:

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