Has anyone used Spooky successfully for a rotator cuff injury? If so how end what frequency?

1. I remember someone posting about running a Strep frequency set when this FB group was getting started, to treat a chronic shoulder injury, and he claimed it worked. I think his idea was that the streptycoccus had taken up residence in the damaged tissue of his old shoulder injury. I had RC injuries in the past and they took a long time to get better. I found it interesting to note that they seemed improve after I stopped eating inflammatory foods - gluten was my biggest problem, cow's dairy was next, sugar as well. I have come to the conclusion that if the gut biome is compromised, the overgrowth of yeast and bad bacteria/virus will tend to move out through the body to aggravate injured soft tissue. For this reason, I'm a big believer in probiotic foods, and staying away from what I know will either feed candida or parasites and/or will provoke an inflammatory response (in my case, gluten).

2. Are you using contact mode? If it were me, I would be putting tens pads on the area. I have a problem with pain in my thumb because of the stress I put on it from manual labor. Recently, I've been running these programs which might be something you can experiment with.

Tendons repair
Fascia 2
Cartilage and connective tissue
Ligaments stimulate healing

I know one is supposed to set dwell at 1 for contact, but I run them at .35, .50 or .75 depending on the amount of programs running and how long I want to treat for. Lowering the dwell seems to work fine for me.

For more details, please check the link:

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