Is there a setting to run a LEAKY GUT REPAIR?

1. You can try using Remote and set the Amplitude lower, say 1-2V range and see how that works for you. Also you can try running a program/frequency set one at a time say every second day and run Lymph detox, and Lymph Circulation on the other day.
Also have a look at Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride's website as well re GAPS diet.
Also Clive De Carle interviews Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride

2. Leaky Gut Syndrome
170,220,470,610,109330,117880,211000,360000,525710,683470 in Hz 3 minutes each.

3. The laser is the best option for my stomach related problems.
It is more gentle and very effective.
I had the symptoms of leaky gut as well and after I used the laser with the leaky gut syndrome XTRA and Leaky gut XTRA I don't have the symptoms any more.
You could also try Qurcetin and low doses of Colostrum or Glutamine (but Glutamine doesn't agree with everyone)

4. Make sure you use the L-Glutamine amino acid. It is one of the better amino acids to rebuilt a leaky gut IMHO. Used it successfully myself, one teaspoon every morning and afternoon, together with probiotics. It took me months, so don't stop too soon.
Edit: a rotation diet may also be of help, since you may have allergic reactions to most food types from the leaky gut. One day apples and oat meal, three days without. Etc

5. I read recently that L. paracasei has a characteristic of healing leaky gut. I just started using it so nothing to report yet... except to take it with a small amount of potato starch so it has fiber to grow on.
Also, watch the glutamine as it can be very constipating.

6. The way I understand it, leaky gut is also related to an inflammatory response to gluten, which wears down the villi lining the inside of the small intestine, and causes the wall of the SI to allow passage of foods into the interstitial fluid. Sugar and hi carb diets feed candida, which I believe also passes through the leaky gut wall. I've found three things that needed to happen in my experience to heal leaky gut: refraining from inflammatory foods, reduction of starchy carbs and sugar, and probiotic intake to restore balance when candida is taking over in the gut.

For more details, please check the link:

7. I've read that Candida is often a cause of leaky gut as the stuff tends to burrow into the gut. So I would imagine that running frequencies that kill candida would certainly help (probably along with detox support). Parasites can also play havoc in the gut. But they say to start with the smaller things first, which would be the candida.

8. I have used a two way approach. I have been using the candida / fungus programs to attack that part, but also using the hypothalamus Balance program and other body system balance programs to attempt to limit allergy responses within the body.

For more details, please check the link:

9. From a natural health/healing perspective, whenever food reactions or allergies are in play, think --->>> liver-Liver-LIVER (and possibly parasites). In my 15 years as an herbalist/natural healer, virtually everyone that decongests/restores their liver (and/or treats parasites), loses their food reactions & allergies.

Apparently ample, clean & healthy bile from our liver is one of our bodies anti-candida weapons (and it's truly, very few adults in this toxic world that have clean/healthy bile and a strong bile flow unless they've attended to liver health & decongesting)...and since candida = leaky gut - I'd definitely be running liver frequencies (as well as looking into liver cleansing/flushing).

1 (or more) coffee enemas daily would likely be very beneficial! DE can be irritating (I *definitely* would never use it with leaky gut)...but activated charcoal slurries should also be very helpful (1-2 teaspoons of activated charcoal in 8oz of water/juice).

10. I can strongly propose the book " dr Meyers autoimmune diet " . My wife had amazing results with curing her leaky gut. I run the program remote "leaky gut".

For more details, please check the link from:



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