I was advised not to use PEMF coil towards the head treating a brain tumor, because of safety reasons. What is the input from the forum concerning this matter?

Brain tumors are the least documented cancer for successful treatment. I do know someone who did a "cancer loop" program with an remote use set-up and got amazing results initially. I do not have the follow-up information on this so I have no idea if the results were only temporary or if they were long term. There may have been muscle testing used to determine the freq. set and/or duration of treatment time.

I also know someone who had an inoperable brain tumor who went outside the US for treatment at a clinic (which included rife and radionics). This helped but she went on to use Cannabis Oil which she credits as shrinking the tumor away. Over 5 years later she was still cancer free.

There is a caution that treatment must be carefully monitored because the tumor may initially swell from inflammation before shrinking. Depending on the size and/or location of the tumor, this could be life threatening. This is sometimes where careful decisions must be made regarding surgical intervention and what modalities will get the best results at what stage of the cancer. 'Rife' treatment times could vary immensely depending on what method is used (ie: remote, contact, plasma).

If there is the ability to go to an Alternative Practitioner who has a good bio-resonance device or is a good kinesiologist, it could be worth the money to get a professional opinion on what may be the root cause of the brain tumor. If there is something like dental work or a specific toxin that is a strong underlying cause, then this could perhaps be quickly remedied so that other treatment can more easily reverse the tumor. If it was me, I would seriously look into Cannabis Oil as an adjunct to frequency treatment. I would also strongly recommend clearing any emotional blockage using The Emotion Code, Tapping or any other clearing modality. I once read an article written by a woman with a brain tumor. She made the connection (too late) that her tumor was associated with storing away painful memories "upstairs" in "her attic" (in the closet of her brain).

If possible, it *might* be worth investigating sleeping in a different direction, different part of a room or different room altogether. Some people have been reported as contracting chronic illness due to underground water or energy pathways that interrupt magnetic flow. Sleeping above these 'disturbed' areas can adversely affect the body's bio-electrics.

For more details, please check the link:

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